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I can’t login to the Web App, what do I do?
Where can I consult the program agenda?
Do I need Zoom?
How do I access a live session?
How do I ask a question to a speaker?
Can I chat with other participants during a session?
How does the Chat at the Help Desk work?
Do I need to check-in in order to claim CME credits?
Is this Symposium accredited?
How do I get a certificate of participation?
How do I complete the speaker evaluations?
When and how do I complete the Global Evaluation Form?
How do I message another attendee (outside of the Live Stream)?
Where can I update my privacy setting?
Where can I update the information that’s displayed in my profile in the attendee list?
Can I take notes in the Web App?
Who do I contact if I have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ?
Can I watch recordings of the presentation?
Can I claim credits for presentations I watched offline, after the Symposium?

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